AWP Tablescapes Project 2016

AWP Tablescapes Project 2016

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Our inaugural tablescapes project was designed for us to have fun, be creative and explore the possibilities. We wanted a chance to showcase 4 distinct table settings with one thing in mind, “no rules” .  So here are our take on 4 themes and concepts you can replicate. Oh my succulent! Hello Sunshine, Twillight and Cosmopolitan Chic.

Partners in crime :  Louis Loo Professional Photography, Mphotoo, Nupts & Such, Ohara Florist, Acadia Card, Tamarind Group Of Restaurants, Elysium Weddings and Happy n Co

AWP_0019 AWP_0052 AWP_0046 AWP_0023 AWP_0062 AWP_0060 AWP_0075 AWP_0087AWP_0062 AWP_0071 AWP_0066NR9A3679AWP_0073 AWP_0067  AWP_0109 NR9A3570NR9A3566 NR9A3324 NR9A3342NR9A3369 NR9A3463 NR9A3440 NR9A3365 NR9A3271 NR9A3283 NR9A3302

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